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A personal navigator is only as good as its maps. So constant road changes are a problem for most devices. TomTom have developed a unique solution that updates road changes daily, giving you the most reliable navigation experience possible.

Drivers across Europe and the US report that they feel more in control and alert when using a navigation device. In the UK, 74 per cent of drivers with a navigation device stated that they feel more in control when driving with a satellite navigation device, and 55 per cent feel more alert (with just nine per cent disagreeing with this statement).

TOMTOM gps systems for cars come in the following three different product lines and each product has many different models, priced to suit your pocket:

TOMTOM GO at our shop

TOMTOM XL at our shop

TOMTOM ONE at our shop

TOMTOM RIDER at our shop
There is also a TOMTOM product aimed directly at motorcyclists, TOMTOM RIDER. It comes with a Cardo Helmet connection and a glove-friendly touch screen plus the usual high quality connectors and maps.

If you have a PDA or suitable mobile phone then TOMTOM NAVIGATOR is the product for you. You attach your wired or Bluetooth GPS receiver and upload the software and maps and you have a state of the art TOMTOM Navigation System.

Satellite Navigation (sat nav) or GPS systems use the global positioning satellites which orbit the earth to determine location. The global positioning satellites lock into the sat nav receiver located in your unit and locate its position on the surface of the earth. Calculating longitude, latitude and altitude, the position is laid over a standard road map which accurately reveals the driver's position to within ten metres. Built-in software can also work out the easiest route between any two points on the map and can combine average road speeds and other data, as necessary, to advise you on arrival times and road conditions on route.

Most GPS systems can be moved from car to car and will work in any vehicle. However, some cars do not cope well with sat nav equipment due to heat reflecting windscreens. This is because heat reflecting windscreens stop the GPS receiver from receiving its GPS signal. To find out if your vehicle is affected, you will need to hold the fully charged unit outside the vehicle, weather permitting, to see if you can now get a signal. If the unit now shows that a signal is being received but this disappears when you return the unit to the closed vehicle, it is very likely that your car's windscreen is blocking the signal.

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